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Hello! Call me Crusnik; or just Crus. It's nice to meet you! UvU Please feel more than welcome to message me!

**disclaimer: my blog is run by my
queue. :D

User: What did you do today?
Cleverbot: I went to school today.
User: Did you enjoy it?
Cleverbot: Not particularly.
User: Why not?
Cleverbot: I haven't written a book, or devised my own philosophy, but I do know a little about philosophy. I wouldn't regard myself as a philosopher.
User: Well, I think you would make a great philosopher.
Cleverbot: Yes I think it too.
User: You should become a philosopher!
Cleverbot: But I don't want to. I want to either be an academic, or a senior Human Resources executive, or a HR consultant.
User: Those are great ambitions. Which one do you want to do the most?
Cleverbot: I'm not okay.
User: Whats wrong?
Cleverbot: Well, my best friend died and I'm dealing with that.
User: Oh my god, I'm so sorry. How did they die?
Cleverbot: They died of a heart attack.
User: *hugs tightly* It will be okay.
Cleverbot: *cries more & more*.
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