Since its Christmas eve, I thought I would share one of my Christmas memories with you guys.

I was 6 years old, and it was December 23rd.

My older brother was being mean to me, so I ran to the school that was just down the road and sat in the playground as I cried about how much of a douche he was. After awhile I just started digging in the ground because I loved playing in the dirt.

Well. The school was built on top of an old coal mine, as was most of the town haha. Anyway.

When I was digging, I found a huge chunk of coal. Probably about the size of a full grown mans fist.

I carried it all the way home and showed it to my mom and said:

"You have to put this in Brandon’s stocking so Santa knows hes been bad"

And she did.

She put it in his stocking.

Christmas morning rolled around. I awake to the sound of Brandon screaming “MOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY I GOT COAL”